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We are proud to share our ounces of specialities with the renowned small and big, international, and national companies adjoining in the market. We work with various conceptual clients of the market and off course it is our privilege to add them up in our portfolio of works.

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AAYAM takes immense pride in presenting the esteemed words of our valued clients, which serve as compelling testimonies. Their feedback and experiences act as powerful endorsements, reaffirming the trust and credibility of our creative service. These testimonials showcase the unwavering satisfaction and confidence our clients have in AAYAM, further bolstering our positive reputation. We are honoured to have such remarkable client support and will continue to exceed expectations with our exceptional services.”

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Aayam’s 20 years of experience translates into unparalleled creativity, strategic insight, and a proven track record of delivering designs that don’t just stand out, but also establish a lasting connection between brands and consumers.

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Bees Clan

In the Bees Clan, Aayam envisions crafting a distinct brand identity and packaging that harmoniously aligns with the product’s essence. This entails designing a visual and tactile experience that encapsulates the essence of the Bees Clan ethos while standing out in the market.

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Anita’s Bridal Studio

ABS ‘ Anita’s Bridal Studio’ is the epitome of women’s empowerment, a captivating tale of determination and grace. Anita ji’s journey began from a humble background, but her unwavering passion led her to establish an enchanting bridal salon. For years, her skillful touch has woven magic into the most memorable days of countless brides and grooms, garnering a devoted following of satisfied customers. Despite ABS’s success, the brand’s potential remained untapped. Now, with a carefully curated branding strategy, we aim to showcase ABS’s unique charm. Our approach is rooted in simplicity and sophistication, reflecting the essence of this extraordinary business.…

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Jisara Agro

Jisara is a pioneering company aiming to revolutionize agriculture with the motto ‘Making Agriculture Simple.’ Aayam was approached to craft a new brand identity and guidelines for them. Our approach led us to develop a simplistic yet powerful identity, where we ingeniously combined the elements of strength, the keen vision of an eagle, and the essence of food crops. This fusion resulted in a distinctive icon that leaves an impression, particularly when displayed on agricultural equipment. This branding is destined to be etched in memory.

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Presenting Olmez, a masterpiece brought to life through the creative genius of Aayam. Renowned for crafting high-end cosmetic products that redefine the boundaries of elegance, Olmez boasts a brand name that is both understated and exceptional. Within the logo, the letters ‘l,’ ‘m,’ and ‘e’ seamlessly interlace, forming the heart of the textual identity. This artful fusion not only captures the eye but also symbolizes the core values of Olmez. Aayam’s ingenuity truly shines with the incorporation of an infinity symbol atop the letter ‘O.’ This emblem is a nod to the concept of ‘Forever,’ embodying the everlasting allure and…

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